4 August 2013


Elysium concept poster. Done just for fun! Wanted to try out some new techniques for screen printing.

27 July 2013

Yo Fuck Nuts

Here we have my Steven Seagal "Out For Justice" inspired print for Gallery 1988's "We Made Them Do It" show. Limited to only 25. BUY HERE.

17 July 2013

The World's End

So Shortlist magazine asked me to create a poster for The World's End which is below...

What I didn't know they would do is get Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to take a look and comment it. Very cool it was a bit like a geeky "Blue Peter" moment for me... now where's my badge?

9 July 2013

The Wolverine

Wolverine art poster made for French Comic-Con in conjunction with Geek-Art.net

Available to buy from the Geek Art online store- http://geekartstore.bigcartel.com . Very Limited.

End Of Line

Tron inspired screen print for the RED show at Hero Complex Gallery.

 24x18 2 colour screen print. Limited edition of 25. $30.

Buy the print here- Hero Complex Gallery